I hope everybody had a good day yesterday.
I took my elderly mother out for a nice patio lunch at our local marina on a beautiful spring morning and early afternoon.
About as nice as one could ask for.
I have been working on reconfiguring keyboards since about 3 a.m., after sleeping for several hours.
I am almost ready to begin sound tests as I combine these four together into one united fabric of sound.
Sound fabric ?
What ?
You don't know ?
Oh well, ---
Should be a fairly busy week.
I hope to be closing escrow on one building while proceeding wtih escrow on a second one, to close in several weeks.
As one may imagine that means lots of running around and organizing and coordinating various different persons and courses of action.
Between work and homework I am finding very little time to do music.
That means that something must change.
I am working on that right now, as we speak (or write ?).
More music, less homework.
More music, less work.
That's going to be my new mantra.
I am trying like crazy to get a handle on all of this rapidly incoming data, long enough for a few Strauss Waltzes (or more than a few), if you get my drift.

While I should be going to sleep for a couple of hours, like sane, normal people, I think I will not.

Too much to do.

Too little time to do it.

Sounds like formula for self-destruction.

Speaking of which, since trading just started in New York, I think I will go there and see what is going on.

More carnage ?

Or more happy talk ?

One can only wonder.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

And may God bless abundantly.



6:02 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA