I just walked in from getting all of the sound levels where they belong, between the various instruments.

They are finally ready to record in their new home here on Valentine Road.

I am on third floor overlooking our own beautiful Channel Islands and the Pacific Ocean.

Great view for composition.

Will tell more later.

For right now, all new music will be uploaded on my new site:


Yes, as in Alice in Wonderland.

Same wonderland.

Remembering that Arthur Dodgson (aka Lewis Carol) was a math professor, and considered to be brilliant as such.

"Quantum world" we think of it today.

Where things just don't look right,
or make any sense.

We're NOT in Kansas, any more, are we Arthur ?

Hope to have lots of fun.

I felt like I was getting burned out/lup.

A good long break has felt good.

But am eager to get back at it, so, here goes.

11:19 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA