Sorry about the long break here.

It has been incredibly difficult for me not to be able to write or to compose for months.

I ran into a deal for an office condo that was just too good to pass up.

Had no idea just how much stuff I had accumulated over the years, at several different locations.

Much expensive equipment, etc.

Has taken a little over six months to whip this thing into some kind of order.

It has been a killer.

Unfortunately, my sound equipment was all piled together after being torn down for the move.

Had to go through a lot of other stuff before being able to get to it.

Just finished setting up the hardware today.

Has taken weeks.

Everything is rewired with highest quality components.

Hope to set up power grid tomorrow and then to plug everyone into it.

Maybe even get to do some test tones.

It should not be much longer before we are having some nice new music.

In meantime I have been working on my spanish guitar music reading and quad-copter "drone" flying (aerial photography).

Will tell more later.

Am VERY tired right now.

But excited that sound is almost back on.

More to come ---



11:59 p.m.